Snowflake Security

Securing Your Snowflake Data Cloud.

By Ben Herzberg and Yoav Cohen

About the Book

In the new book, Herzberg and Cohen construct a logical and operational framework for individuals and organizations to reason and make informed decisions about the security and governance of their Snowflake-housed data. This includes an in-depth exploration of the platform’s security features and capabilities, as well as DataSecOps-oriented best practices surrounding their use. Covering topics such as user authentication, data access control, logging and monitoring, and data masking, the book offers a strategic path for Snowflake users to mitigate their organization’s risk profile, as well as get the most out of the platform’s security features using a DataSecOps approach.

About the Authors

Yoav Cohen is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Satori Cyber. At Satori, Yoav is building the company’s technology vision and leading the research and engineering teams that build the Secure Data Access Cloud.

Ben Herzberg is an experienced hacker and developer with years of experience in endpoint security, behavioral analytics, application security, and data security. Ben is now the Chief Scientist for Satori, streamlining data access and security with DataSecOps. 

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